What is web design

What is web design?

Web design covers overall look and feel, typography, wireframes, layout, branding and everything related to the visual aspects of the user interface and user experience of a website..


The evolution of web design

On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee was the first person who made the first web page live on the internet. It was hosted on Berner-Lee’s NeXT computer with the web address


Since the 90s, web design has evolved from a simple text page to a more dynamic, CSS based responsive web design. Today, web design is more than a combination of text and links. WYSIWYG web design applications have enabled us to design web pages without any limitations.

Why a good web design is important?

An attractive web design is an important factor since it helps in attracting and engaging more and more website visitors.

A good web design helps website visitors find the information quickly and easily

A responsive website design helps mobile users spend more time on your website. Responsive web design is also an important factor in ranking your website on various search engines. Google has introduced mobile first strategy which enables responsive web sites rank better in google search results.

Responsive Web Design

Probably the most important factor in determining the success of a website design, responsive website design is now the industry standard for every web design. A responsive web design allows self adjusting web design according to the environment, screen size and orientation.

Flexible content, grid systems and media queries are basic building blocks of a responsive web design. It eliminates the need to design multiple web pages for each screen size.

Best web design frameworks

Hundreds of website design tools and technologies are available today. A web design company may choose a combination of these frameworks to fast track the process of web design tasks and achieve a web design with dynamic behavior.


Angular JS

React JS



Semantic UI




Top Web Design Trends

Visual Search

Variable Fonts

Color Schemes

Virtual Assistants

multi-platform integration

Mixing 2d & 3d Elements

Voice-command interfaces

Typography-based layouts

UX Writing, Microcopy & Brand Personality

Decorated, Augmented And Big Paragraphs

Machine Learning Through Web Technologies

Animation: Secondary Elements & Organic Motion

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