Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting

Thousands and thousands of web hosting companies offer thousands of web hosting plans to meet different business requirements of websites.

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From a technical point of view, it’s easy to get confused by terms like bandwidth, DNS, web hosting type, email hosting etc.

While planning for a business website or an ecommerce store(also known as an online store), one has to deal with such terms and to look for the best hosting plans.

When considering web hosting for small business, the most important factor is to look for a web hosting company which offers affordable web hosting with all the important features at a low price.

Web hosting needs increase as your online business grows. A cheap web hosting plan may be sufficient for a startup with a limited number of customers or website visitors but may soon become inadequate as the number of customers or number of website visitors increase. To get ready for more website traffic, you have to look for the best web hosting company which offers best web hosting plans with high bandwidth and storage space. This may include a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server with 247 support.

You have to look for the affordable web hosting plans whether you are a startup online business or looking to increase your sales or increase your website traffic to grow your online business.

There are several aspects of a web hosting which need to be considered before buying any web hosting plan from a web hosting company like:


– What is the maximum Bandwidth allowed?

– What is the maximum Storage space?

– How many business email accounts can be created?

– Is it a managed web hosting or not?

– Control panel software for your web hosting account

– Maximum number of databases

– Maximum number of FTP accounts

Shared Web Hosting

This is relatively cheap web hosting as compared to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting.

A shared web hosting account is part of a web hosting server shared by many other web hosting accounts or simply websites. You can get a web hosting account from a web hosting company as low as $1 per month depending on the features available in the cheap web hosting plan.

The biggest disadvantage of a shared web hosting plan is that all the server resources are used by all the websites on that server. So, your website may not get enough resources at all the time. A website with higher traffic might be using more server resources than yours. Similarly, if your website has a high traffic volume, then the other websites may not get enough resources so the other websites may become slow to load or respond.

Shared web hosting or in general terms, a cheap web hosting is ideal for brochure websites with low traffic volume.

Reseller Web hosting

A reseller web hosting account allows you to setup your own web hosting company at cheaper rates. It offers many features to help you setup and run a web hosting company.

You can offer cheap web hosting plans to your customers. Reseller web hosting allows you to have full control over the hosting accounts of your clients so you can provide support to them.

But with the increase in number of customers, you may have to switch to a VPS hosting for better performance, bigger storage space and more bandwidth for your customers websites.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting allows you to install and offer software packages that are not available in the shared web hosting. There are less number of websites as compared to a shared web hosting.  It offers better speed, more storage space and more control over the resources of your web hosting server.

A VPS web server is basically a physical server designed to work like a standalone server for multiple users. A physical server might be divided into 4 or 5 virtual private servers. It’s resources are dedicated and cannot be used by other virtual server instances hence offering better performance than reseller hosting plans.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Having a dedicated server means you own the best web hosting company. A dedicated server has all the resources available and in control. A dedicated server allows you to have your website all the resources available anytime.

A dedicated server can be upgraded easily if more storage is required. The downside of a dedicated server is higher price tags as compared to a shared web hosting.

You must hire a dedicated system administrator who can install applications, configure server, manage server resources, troubleshoot issues to avoid downtime and provide 247 assistance to ensure the dedicated server is providing optimal performance.

While a startup online web hosting company may opt for reseller web hosting, a growing web hosting company must go for a dedicated server if it wants to be listed as a best web hosting company.

Cloud hosting

With the advent of cloud technologies, web hosting companies are also offering cloud hosting plans. Cloud hosting offers more scalability and better performance and disaster recovery over VPS or dedicated web hosting plans.

Cloud web hosting allows hundreds of web servers to work as one web server offering greater resources availability. As the web traffic grows, cloud web hosting servers connected with each other start sharing resources which results in automatic performance improvement.

Cloud web hosting offers scalable price structure and you only pay for the resources you have used removing the need to have constant availability of resources for possible traffic increases. That means, you don’t have to pay a full year price for higher resources for a limited time.

Colocation Web Hosting

For colocation web hosting, you only pay for rackspace in a datacenter. You have to setup your server on your own. You have the full responsibility of your server’s physical parts. Data Center provides rackspace, power, backup, cooling and physical security.

Self Service Web Hosting

In Self service web hosting, you make the complete physical server setup by yourself. In addition, you have to set up hardware for cooling, power supply, backup and security by yourself.

Moreover, you have to configure the server and install all the necessary software. You also need to have a server administrator for routine maintenance.This is useful if you have enough experience and money and you want to setup a complete web hosting company by yourself.

Managed WordPress Hosting

In this type of web hosting, the web hosting company takes care of all the aspects of your website. As WordPress is a leading open source CMS in the world, the web hosting company offers WordPress hosting so you don’t have to install or manage WordPress. The web hosting company takes care of all WordPress updates and maintenance.

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