How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress?

Everyone of us when we start to think about a website, a basic question arises in our minds that how to make a website?

This simple question leads to all the web development languages, web development courses and learning web development.

In the early 90s, when website was in infancy, the idea of making a website was not so common. You may have had 3 to 4 pages with just simple text and a few low resolution images and that’s it.

But today, it has evolved into something magical. Now a days, websites are playing a key role in our daily lives.


  • Xampp Server must be installed and running.
  • WordPress package

How to install WordPress manually on your PC/Laptop?

To install WordPress manually on your PC or laptop, you need to:

1- Install Xampp. Click here to see how to install xampp.

2- Download the WordPress installation packages. Click here to download the WordPress.

3- Copy the WordPress ZIP package to C:xampphtdocs.

4- Extract the WordPress ZIP file to C:xampphtdocswordpress.

5- After the extraction, all of your WordPress files should be visible in the “C:xampphtdocswordpress”. You can choose any name of the folder “WordPress”.

Create a database

6- To create a new database, open your browser and enter the URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”.

7- In phpMyAdmin, create a new database by clicking Databases tab located on the top.

8- Type a database name and click create. You can see the newly created database on right side bar of phpmyadmin. You can set any database name to be used. We will set the database name as “wp-database” for this WordPress installation.

Install WordPress

9- Next, go to your browser, enter the URL “http://localhost/WordPress”.

10- In the browser, type “http://localhost/WordPress” and press enter. This will start WordPress installation script on your browser.

11- On the first screen, select language and click continue.

12- On the next screen, you need to configure the database for this installation. To do this, click the “Let’s go” button.

13- Enter database name. This should be the same database name you have set while creating the new database in phpmyadmin.

14- Enter database username “root”.

15- Leave the password field empty.

16- In the database host field, type “localhost”.

17- In the table prefix field, type wp_. WordPress create 12 tables in the database. This prefix will included in the names of all 12 tables of the database. Your database tables name will look like “wp_users”, “wp_posts” where “wp_” is the prefix you have set for all the tables.

18- Click submit.

19- On the next screen, click “run the installation” button.

20- Type site title of your website, username, password and email. The username, password and email will be used for the WordPress Admin Panel. You will be able to log in to the WordPress admin panel using this username and password.

21- You can check “Confirm weak password” option as you can always change the password of WordPress admin panel after logging in to the WordPress admin panel.

22- Uncheck “discourage search engines from indexing this site.”

23- Click “install wordpress”.

24- After a few moments, your WordPress installation is complete. You will see a success message on your screen.

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